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3.4.10 10:13

Winterwonderland 2.0

There is still snow on the roads - Not only old snow .. it actualy snowed yesterday, last night, today and it probably will tonight. This is like the longest period of snow in the last 20 years - maybe more. Did I mention that in my last text already? Don't know anymore.

Some days ago we walked on the big lake called "Alster" which is in the middle of Hamburg ... Have a look on the map: Google Maps Yea - pretty nice huh?! - Sailing in the summer, walking in the winter!

As you can imagine we were not the only ones walking across the lake. As we arrived it was like 10.000 people had the same stupid idea for spending some time of their weekend:

Ok, finally everyone around me, in the office, at home, my friends and family - really everyone gets kind of frustrated that it still snows. Everyone is complaining.

I hope it will stop, the snow will melt and I can talk about something different than the fucking weather next time.


Finally, we've waited one year as usual, the best players of EAST will face the best in the WEST. It's time for Rookie-Challange, Shooting-Stars, Skill-Challange, THREE-POINT-SHOOTOUT, SLAM-DUNK and the ALL-STAR GAME 2010 in Dallas.

One highlight will be the Cowboys-Stadium, where the final game will take place. An estimated crowd of 90.000 (100.000) people will head to the arena, millions more watching on TV.

Get ready - This will be the most excited weekend in Feburary. It will only be outreached by the finals - I hope!

That's it!
11.2.10 20:27


Welcome to Hamburg's Winterwonderland 2010. It's an all new expirience and one of the longest periods of snow in the history of my life.

This picure was taken minutes ago, through the window in my bedroom:

Doesn't look like much snow at all? Yeah, right, but in Hamburg, Germany snow is a rare thing, falling down every 10th year only. (my own statistic - )

As the weekend just started and the sun is shining I hope to be outside taking more pictures.

I actually don't know what to write - I just wanted to post the picture above.

30.1.10 12:03

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